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Online Class Support


Y. Peng, Y. Ito


Record automatically the behavior and engagement of students. Support making lecture video for lecturers.


Lecture support, Online lecture, AR technology, Lecture activity log, Lecture video making support


Online lectures generally have two types: interactive distance learning and on-demand lecture. In interactive distance learning, students can interact with the instructor and students at various remote place in real-time. However, it is difficult for lecturers to know the behavior and engagement of students. We are therefore developing an online lecture environment system that estimates the status of students using each their camera information. In generally on-demand lectures, the lecturers need to prepare lecture videos in advance, and then the students watch the video and work on assignments. Flipped classrooms also requires the instructor to prepare lecture videos in advance. A flipped classroom plays the roles that lectures and homeworks are flipped, so that students study at home in advance and focus on exercises and discussions in lectures. Educational institutions and online lecture services have introduced such lecture styles. This has increased the demand for video lectures, but it is burden on lecturers to make that. We aim to develop a lecture recording system that enables lecturers to create high-quality lecture videos without editing videos. The system uses an AR technology and construct lecture videos in real-time taking into account the ease of viewing and visual effects.