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Intellectual User Interface


K.Yasue, K.Ito


Meta-AR space construction system for collaboration support,Support for the use of AR technology


Interface development in augmented reality space, smart device application, human sensing application


Augmented Reality,Collaboration Support,3D Reconstruction,LiDAR,Web Content Management, AR Web Page, AR Content Placement Support


Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction is a technology for capturing the shape and appearance of objects in the real world, and is expected to be used in many fields such as urban planning, video surveillance, search and rescue, and natural disaster monitoring. We are developing a framework to develop a collaboration support system for local and remote users using a 3D reconstructed space based on augmented reality (AR) technology. This reconstructed space is called a Meta-AR space. Usually, 3D reconstruction requires high-precision sensors and high-performance computers. However, in the past few years, general-purpose smartphones and tablet devices have been equipped with distance sensors such as LiDAR scanners, enabling advanced AR, and we aim to realize 3D reconstruction using only general-purpose devices. One of the challenges of using augmented reality (AR) technology is that it is not easy to create content for AR. Furthermore, additional information is available in the AR space, such as the positional relationship between the user and the content. In our study, we discuss a framework for processing Web content and a framework for bookmarking and using the AR space and develop a prototype system for using Web content in the AR space. In addition, we research how this system supports users in placing AR content.