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2021/09 Announcement at Tokai-Section Joint Conference

Category: News| News: 2021-08-27

Tokai-Section Joint Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Information, and Related Engineering

○伊藤 花帆,菊地 真人,大囿 忠親
  Extending Events for Web-based Augmented Reality Application Development
  9/7 14:00 ~ 16:15 G2-1

按田 将吾,菊地 真人,大囿 忠親
  Developing a Product Parts Oriented Review Browsing Support System Using Augmented Reality
  9/7 14:00 ~ 16:15 G2-5

○Nur Irfan Nafis Bin Md Nor,菊地 真人,大囿 忠親
  Developing a Malaysian Cuisine Introduction System for Japanese Tourists Using AR and BERT
  9/8 15:30 ~ 17:30 E6-7

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