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Information Recommendation


W.Li, Y.Kusakabe


Activity support through information mining centered on Web service users


Shopping support, Browsing history support


Web mining, Information recommendation, Information visualization


There is a huge amount of information on the Internet, and users are required to select such information using a Web browser. Online shopping is one of the online services currently used by many people, and consumers may worry about many kind of product to select from a large number and types of products. It is a difficult problem for users to select the most suitable product, and our laboratory proposes a system that recommends appropriate products to users by collecting multifaceted information on the product site.
When searching for information, if it is necessary to revisit a page that has been viewed in the past from a huge number of Web pages, the user can use bookmarks, perform a keyword search again, or search by history search. However, it is troublesome to search a specific page for pages that are not bookmarked. Keyword search and history search may not be sufficient for page search, and our laboratory proposes a system that searches an appropriate web browsing history from action records such as the browsing time and operation information of the user's web browser.